Hypnotherapy is a technique that uses the hypnosis state to identify the causes or origins of personal problems and provides a means of reducing or overcoming the problem or problems at a subconscious level. In broad terms, this is achieved by helping the client into a hypnotic state, often by means of progressive relaxation. The therapist induces this state by using the voice, with different suggestions, to gently lead the client into relaxation followed by suggestion work aiming to resolve the problem the client is having. The hypnosis state can be likened to that of a drowsiness when we are just waking up in the morning or just drifting towards sleep at night. The client is always in control and can come out of it at any time they wish to.

I am what I choose to become

Setting the record straight:

Proper hypnotherapy is not, as it is portrayed in the movies and stage hypnosis as many people believe. Movies and stage hypnosis shows are for entertainment and completely different. The key words to note here are: Movies, Stage and Therapy.

A lot of money is ploughed into making movies and of course the acting for massive impact in entertaining the audience. And stage hypnosis is exactly as it says “Staged”, it is done for effect and entertainment by fairly clever performers usually with plenty of preparation work and the eager willingness of people wanting to be “Hypnotised” into doing silly things. It is also worth noting that the “Therapy” portion of the word hypnotherapy is missing from these shows.

Hypnotherapy is exactly it what it says it is, using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool to help the clients overcome their difficulties or issues. Furthermore the client is always in control and can never be made to do anything against their will whilst in a hypnosis session, so you will not be made to do anything you do not want to do. The subconscious mind will only accept suggestions that will be of benefit to you and that resonate with your own standards and beliefs.

When seeing a client for the very first time I always make sure that all questions and concerns they may have are covered and answered which usually results in their peace of mind and actually enjoying the process and working towards resolving the problems they came for.